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We Make and Preserve your Handicrafts over the years.


Started out as a craft company, Cullaro srl is offering a wide variety of cutting-edge products, made from carefully selected materials with the newest construction methodologies. Products where quality and functionality combine with the care of every single detail, typical of craftsmanship. Cullaro srl offers a broad range of doors with a wide variety of models and essences that adapt smoothly to the most diverse aesthetic and architectural requirements. Cullaro's window frames meet not only the need for safety, but also the necessity of elegance and refinement, integrating harmoniously into the style of any home.

cullaro serramenti infissi legno alluminio
serramenti infissi artigianali
cullaro serramenti legno alluminio
cullaro serramenti legno alluminio
cullaro infissi legno alluminio


Cullaro srl offers an efficient After-Sales service that enables you to receive a maintenance service directly at your house. Maintenance is divided into two categories:

  • Preventive maintenance: prevents flaws and problems in the product; it's based on two operations, cleaning and refreshment.
  • Corrective maintenance: fixes defects and problems caused by either lack of prevention or extraordinary events; it's based on two operations, retouching and renewal.

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