The wooden fixture has a fundamental feature: it's made out of living and natural material, with distinctive chemical-physical and aesthetic characteristics.

Wood has good mechanical resistance (compression, flexion, etc.) and physical properties, depending on the choice of wood used. Conifers, for example, are distinguished by the leak of resin. An obvious feature is the more or less regular grain which is always present and different depending on the cut. Knots in the wood, which are darker spots on the surface, are often considered a problem, but they can be restored with the application of appropriate caulks.

It should be stressed that wood adapts to environmental factors, especially to humidity, which can cause wood expansion, sometimes even unwanted, especially if the temperature variations in the surrounding environment are very high. Applying a multi-point fixture can limit the occurrence of this problem. However, if the dimension of the phenomenon is mild, it should be tolerated.


Cullaro srl chooses and uses the best wood essences available on the market. Lamellar and finger joint products are characterized by a high quality and aesthetic value, obtained from an accurate process with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Ash tree/ Durmast/ Chestnut

Sweden Pine/ Hemlock/ Douglas

Okumè/ Meranti


Aluminum is a material with remarkable versatility. It's a ductile metal very used in the production of window frames and fixtures of various kinds.

Aluminum is much appreciated for its "softness" and its ease in being processed. For this reason, it allows to produce large handicrafts, being very resistant to atmospheric agents and durable over time. On the other hand, it is a material with poor thermal and acoustic insulation. Therefore, due to the different temperatures between the exterior and the interior of the house, condensation might create on the fixtures.


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